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Arrested and Charged with DUI?

An arrest for DUI should be addressed seriously from the beginning. The Law Offices of Victor Vedmed, P.A., understands this very important aspect to DUI representation. Your case will be handled by an attorney whose experience stems from a actual courtroom and jury trial experience both as a Public Defender working for the government and as a private defense attorney.

The Law Offices of Victor Vedmed, P.A., can offer clients the aggressive help they need as soon as they need it.  We will handle your driver license suspension and criminal DUI matter professionally, vigorously, and aggressively.  

What are Driving Under the Influence Charges?

DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. Florida drivers face criminal charges for this offense when:

· Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater;

· Driving under the influence of a controlled substance;

· Driving under the combined influence of alcohol and a controlled substance; or

· Driving while his or her physical abilities or ability to drive safely are impaired due to the use of any organic solvent, chemical, poison or any other compound.

Defending DUI Charges

DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is a serious offense that will require immediate legal representation for you or your loved one. Attorney Victor Vedmed explains DUI charges and penalties to clients and helps them deal with the serious consequences of a DUI charge by giving them the representation they need. 

You will need to address the issue of the suspension of your driver's license, as soon as possible after an arrest.

How Our DUI Attorneys Can Serve You

We offer complete legal representation. Your DMV (DHSMV) license suspension hearing and the criminal case will be addressed.  We will explain the consequences and benefits of a DMV hearing to appeal the suspension of your driver license.  We will attend the administrative hearing and aggressively fight to restore your driving privileges. 

The criminal DUI case has consequences as well. These may include;

· Mandatory imprisonment

· Probation

· Driver License Suspension

· Court-ordered counseling

· Rehabilitation

· Fines

· Court fees

· Community service

· Restitution

· Investigation Fees

· Permanent Entry on Your Driving Record

DUI defendants are sentenced on a case-by-case basis and dependent upon a number of factors. The defendant's blood alcohol concentration will affect sentencing if it is well above the legal limit (such as .15% or greater). A first time DUI defendant will be treated with more leniency than a defendant with multiple DUI offenses which may result in enhanced penalties such as a longer term of imprisonment or probation, longer license suspension or revocation, higher fines and more community service.

Driving Under the Influence and the Law

Our firm will take the time to explain the Florida DUI process in order to help you understand all of the procedures involved. Whether your drunk driving resulted in an accident or it caused injury to another, the trial preparation, trial and the sentencing process you will be put through will include strict procedures that require a diligent legal defense. Out-of-State drivers and underage drivers who are caught driving while intoxicated will both be susceptible to the same harsh penalties of a DUI conviction as any other drunk driver on the road.

Some DUI arrests are so serious that they may be prosecuted as a felony.  Felonies come with a harsher sentencing after a conviction. 

It is therefore very important to contact a qualified Florida traffic attorney after being charged with a DUI. The tactics, strategy and guidance of our firm will help you achieve a fair and acceptable resolution to your DUI charge.

There is Always Hope

Most defendants only get ONE opportunity to defend their case.  Although law enforcement may have told you that your case is hopeless, even if you took a breath test or blood test and failed, there are many legal defenses that you may be unaware of.  There is a lot of paperwork that the police produce. There are various defense strategies that a competent lawyer should explore before determining how to build your case, including whether or not you were subjected to a lawful initial police stop, whether or not blood and alcohol tests were performed properly, and whether or not your field sobriety testing was conducted according to state standards. There is always hope when you have the right DUI lawyer at your side. Let us help you in preparing the best possible defense.


Early Representation


It is very important that you speak to us as soon as possible after your arrest.  The first 10 days after a DUI arrest may determine whether you keep driving while you case is pending.

Jury Trial Experience


We go to court every day to represent our clients in front of judges and juries. Jury trial experience is essential when hiring a DUI lawyer.  You never know how the case will develop and having a competent trial lawyer on your side is crucial.  

Lowest Prices for Aggressive Representation


First DUI starting at $1500.00 legal fee

Second DUI starting at $2500.00 legal fee

Third DUI starting at $3500.00 legal fee